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Meredith Marina has one of the largest boat rental fleets on Lake Winnipesaukee, and we rent boats from May through October.

We have one of the newest model years and largest boat rental fleets on Lake Winnipesaukee, with reliable outboard engines to provide a better boating experience. We rent jet-skis as well. Our convenient location and streamlined rental process make boating easy and fun!

Our rental boats are clean and safe. We offer 18-foot deck boats from Hurricane, the best-selling deck boats in the country. Our boats are powered by Yamaha outboard engines for easy handling and water-sports. We also rent our Sweetwater and Monaco pontoon boats. Do you need some water toys to go with your boat? You can rent water-skis, tubes, and boards!

We rent boats for any time period that fits your needs – for an afternoon half-day, daily, multi-day or multi-week. We have a great staff to book your reservation and answer any questions, and when you arrive our rental instructor team will familiarize you with both your craft and the lake, so you can get the best enjoyment from your day on the water.

Rental reservation times are from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and there is a late fee if you don’t return on time. It will take about half an hour after you return for the check-out process so please plan accordingly. We have on-site parking and are conveniently located in Meredith, 10 minutes from RTE 93 and walking distance from downtown Meredith.

Rentals Policies

  • All rentals require a boating license (must be NASBLA approved). Temporary 14-day boater’s license are available in the rental office after taking a Temporary Boating license test. Check FAQ’s for more information.
  • Renters must be age 22 or above.
  • All operators will sign the Rental Agreement (“waiver”) received in the confirmation email, and understand only the renter/operator needs to come in to the store for check-in. The Waiver is online through your confirmation email.
  • A refundable $1,000 security deposit will be required when you arrive on the day of your reservation.
  • The renters credit card will remain on file and will be charged market rate for refueling and may be used for damage or excess cleaning.
  • No animals are allowed on boats with no exceptions to this rule.
  • Long term rentals must have a dock to keep their rental boat. Meredith Marina will not be able to store your boat at the marina overnight.
  • All rental damage must be paid at the time of return.

We accept all major credit cards. Pricing is guaranteed at time of reservation.


JET SKI RENTALS: Our jet-ski rentals are for two-hour, Full day, or multi day periods. Price is $150 for two hours, $400 for a full day. Operators must be 21 or over and have a boaters license, and maximum two people per jet ski. Safety equipment is included, and renter pays for gas and $500 security deposit.


Cancellation Policy

  • You have up until 4 days before the start of your reservation date to cancel and receive a full refund. If you decide to cancel within 4 days of your reservation you will forfeit your deposit unless we can re-rent the boat for the same day. We all are subject to mother nature, and if it happens to be too stormy (our determination) when you arrive, we will return your deposit.



  • We will gladly reschedule you within the same rental season at any time. (We do not reschedule boats for any upcoming years). If you are rescheduling due to weather please allow us 24 hours notice.


Pontoon Boat Rental Pricing

Model Half Day
     (Noon to 4:00pm | can’t reserve)    
Full Day
    (advance booking suggested)     
5 Days 7 Days     14+ Days        Capacity    
Sweetwater 1880 25HP
(no license required)
$475 $495 $2375 $3150 $450/day 7
Sweetwater 2286 90HP $575 $595 $2875 $3850 $550/day 10
Sweetwater 2486 150HP

Triple Toon Monaco 255SB 250HP













Hurricane Deck Boat Rental Pricing

Model Half Day
(Noon to 4:00pm | can’t reserve)
Full Day
(advance booking suggested)
   5 Days          7 Days     14+ Days Capacity
SS201 175HP $575 $595 $2875 $3850 $550/day 9
Sundeck Sport 188 115HP $475 $495 $2375 $3150 $450/day 8

Please note tubing requires a minimum of a 90HP engine.


Rentals FAQ’s


Do I need a boater’s license?

The State Of New Hampshire requires every person operating a boat over 25 horsepower to have a NASBLA (National Association of State Boating Law Administrators) approved boaters license. Any boat 25hp and under does not require a boaters license but you must have a valid driver’s license.

Each State runs a different course for a boaters license but most are valid in New Hampshire. If your license has the NASBLA symbol on it, it is valid in New Hampshire. Check with your states courses to see how to get licensed in your state.

We do offer a temporary New Hampshire boaters license that is valid for 14 days. We strongly recommend that you allow a couple hours to study and take the test prior to your rental pick up (this test can only be taken at the marina). There is a $20 fee to take the test, pass or fail. If you do fail, you will have to wait 24 hours before trying again.

We do not offer refunds on your rental boat if you do not pass the test. However, we will do our best to get you in a boat with 25hp or reschedule your rental for a different day.


Safe Boaters Guide 

(click the text above for the study booklet) TAKING THE TEST ONLINE THROUGH NH BOAT ED DOES NOT GIVE YOU A LICENSE.


How old do I have to be to rent a boat from Meredith Marina?

We require the operator of the boat or jet ski to be 22 years or older. Anybody under 21 can NOT operate our rental boats or jet skis.


Do you offer water sport accessories?

Yes! We offer tubes, water skis, wakeboards and kneeboards. Each accessory is $30 per day. Please note tubing requires a minimum of 90HP. Please note Water skiing requires a minimum of 115HP.


Do you offer jet ski rentals?

Yes! Our jet-ski rentals are for two-hour, full day, or multi day periods. Price is $150 for two hours, $400 for a full day. Operators must be 21 or over and have a boaters license, and maximum two people per jet ski. Safety equipment is included. Renter pays for gas, any new damage and a $500 security deposit required the day of your reservation.


Will you deliver the rental boat to another lake?

All our rental boats stay on Lake Winnipesaukee and are picked up and dropped off here at Meredith Marina. We do not deliver or pick up our rental boats to other lakes, and you cannot take them to another lake. If this is something you are interested in please click HERE to let us know.


Can I bring my pets?

Unfortunately, we do not allow pets on our rental boats. We would love to allow your furry friend to come and enjoy the lake, however the risk for damage and our insurance policy does not allow it.


Do you offer captains?

We do not offer captains for our rental boats. The renter is responsible for operating the boat and must have a Boaters License if applicable.


Can I keep the rental boat there overnight?

If you are renting a boat for multiple days, we require you to have a dock to keep it at overnight. We do not have the dock space to keep your rental boat at our marina overnight.


Do you offer rental damage insurance? 

We offer Propeller Insurance for $29 per day. This payment covers the first $350 in propeller or skeg damage – this does not cover damage to boat exterior, interior or engine.




If you have any additional questions that were not answered above, or you would like more information on, please contact our rental team by clicking the link below.

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